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Pro Series 300M Inner Shaft 40 Spline, 38-44 in.

Pro Series 300M Inner Shaft 40 Spline, 38-44 in.

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Com mais de uma década os eixos e componentes da Spidertrax levaram os pilotos a todo um novo nível de desempenho em off-road.

Os semieixos são vendidos à unidade e por encomenda. Como são feitos à medida desejada pelo cliente o tempo de entrega varia e após pagamento do pedido não é possível realizar devoluções.


For over a decade Spider 9 axles and components have taken racers to an all new level of off-road performance. Our unique approach to engineering and manufacturing has repeatedly pushed our racers to 1st place championships, and we strive to push the industry each and every day.

With that, we are proud to release the Pro Series 40 Spline 300M Inner Axle Shafts. We've designed these shafts with one goal in mind: to keep you on the podium. Integrated in our unique webbed designed yoke is an axle shaft capable of 50 degrees of steering, the industry's tightest steering angle for a 1480 60 style u-joint. Both axle shaft -AND- yoke are constructed out of billet domestic 300M military grade steel, while receiving AMS2759 aerospace level heat treatment. When you see the Spidertrax Pro Series tag, know that you are getting the best of the best in terms of materials and workmanship.

Axle shafts are sold individually (single). Lead-times vary, for an accurate ship date prior to ordering please call or email. Because axle shafts are custom made, payment is taken in full at time of order and orders are non-refundable.
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