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GT Vented Rotor 14 in. Diameter

GT Vented Rotor 14 in. Diameter

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Os discos Wilwood GT-36 de 14" de diâmetro são fabricados para as condições extremas do automobilismo profissional. A superior absorção e dissipação de calor são a chave para que o calor tenha tempo suficiente para ser dispersado, assim desgastando prolongando o tempo de vida dos discos e das pastilhas de travão.


Wilwood GT-36 14 in. diameter straight vane rotors are built for the extreme conditions of professional motorsports. The superior heat absorption and dissipation characteristics of these heavy wall directional vane rotors are the keys to preventing heat fade and realizing long service life from the rotors and pads. All rotors are cast from premium grade, long grain carbon iron for long wear, thermal stability, and resistance to distortion. Every GT-36 rotor is fully detail machined to eliminate stress points and unnecessary weight away from the pad sweep face. The faces and O.D. are precision turned to less than .001" for flatness, parallelism, and run-out. An asymmetrical face slot pattern provides smoother engagement through reduced harmonics and improved thermal balance between the I.D. and O.D. of the rotor. Every rotor is then individually dynamic balanced to provide vibration free performance at any speed. These rotors provide the highest cooling capacity and longest service life for extreme braking short tracks and multi-hour desert races (think Ultra4 Nationals and the Fallon 250).

To clear the diameter of this rotor, a 17"+ wheel is required. Brake Hat mounting hardware sold separately.

Additional Rotor Dimensions
Rotor Width (in): .81
Rotor Diameter (in): 14
Rotor Bolt Circle (in): 12 x 8.75

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