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Wilwood Blue 2 PSI Disc Brake Pressure Residual Valve

Wilwood Blue 2 PSI Disc Brake Pressure Residual Valve

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Ideal para corridas e aplicações off-road, a válvula de pressão em linha da Willwood assegura uma pressão mínima de forma a ajudar a eliminar o curso excessivo do pedal de travão.


Ideal for drag racing, street rods, and many off-road applications, inline residual pressure valves from Wilwood retain a minimum brake line pressure to help eliminate excessive pedal travel. These 2 lb. valves are used in disc brake applications where the master cylinder is mounted below the horizontal plane of the calipers--in other words, where fluid drainback occurs, causing excessive brake drag. With drum brakes, 10 lb. valves are used to compensate for return spring tension in the drums. Wilwood residual pressure valves are made from billet aluminum and color-coded for easy identification.
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