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Ring & Pinion Pro Ford 10" 5.14 Ratio

Ring & Pinion Pro Ford 10" 5.14 Ratio

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Ford 10" High Performance 5.14 Nitro Ring & Pinion

Great gears deserve a great 3rd member housing, look no further:

Nitro Solid Billet Aluminum Housing

These 9.5" and 10" Nitro Pro Gears are manufactured from a proprietary material for maximum strength in competition/race vehicles. These gears are not intended for daily driven vehicles as they have a shorter life span relating to their wear characteristics. Please read the tech notes below and if you are unsure of what components you require or have question please call for clarification.

Tech notes:

  • 9.5/10" Nitro Pro Gears" generally require an aftermarket housing with sufficient clearance for the larger diameter ring gear.
  • An aftermarket yoke will be required as these gears use a larger 35 spline pinion shaft than a standard 9 inch gearset
  • A different pinion support and bearings are needed to work with the larger diameter pinion shaft.
  • The cut on these gears is engineered for maximum strength and often these gears will run with significant noise compared to a traditional 9" gearset. This is normal for these gears as they are intended for competition use.

Gear & Axle strives to provide the highest quality differential components available. We take the necessary steps to ensure our parts are dependable. Our product range is continuously growing to meet the needs of consumers for new ratios and Fits. At Nitro, we know differentials and know what it takes to provide you with high-quality components.

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